SNIC Appoints Executive Managers

07 May 2018

SNIC Insurance has recently announced new appointments in its Executive Management as part of a new strategy approved by the Board of Directors. The new structure aims to foster the company’s five years strategy (2018-2023), in addition to achieving the future vision and expectations of SNIC’s shareholders and s...

Principal activities and review of business developments during 2017

04 Apr 2018

For the financial year ended 31 December 2017, SNIC Insurance showed a growth in the Net Earned Premium by 10% from BHD 5.63 million in 2016 in comparison to BHD 6.20 million in 2017 which was mainly driven by the Medical and Motor line of business. On the other hand, the Gross Written Premium reflected a reduction of 42.8% from BHD 17.68 millio...

SNIC INSURANCE achieve Net Profit of BD 1.07M

12 Apr 2017

For the financial year ended 31 December 2016, SNIC Insurance shown a growth in the Net Earned Premium by 18% from BD 4.77 M in 2015 comparing to BD 5.63 M in 2016 despite the Gross Written Premium reduced by 5% from BD 18.68 M comparing to BD 17.68 M in 2016. Medical, Motor and Term Life lines contributed to the main growth in the net earnings....